Integrated Lighting System

Integrated Lighting System
Codice: CLSI-C6B

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Condizioni prodotto: Nuovo
Disponibilità: Disponibile
L'iLux CLSI-C6B è un sistema integrato per il controllo luci. Adatto per sale riunioni, home Theater o per qualsiasi ambiente dove è previsto un prodotto con un alto rapporto di qualità/prezzo. Come opzione il CLSI-C6B è in grado di gestire una o più motorizzazione per tende.

Codice: CLSI-C6B


Load Ratings


  Dimmer Channels 6

  Maximum Per Channel 800 Watts/VA (6.6 Amps @ 120 Volts AC)

  Minimum Per Channel 15 Watts/VA (0.125 Amps @ 120 Volts AC)

  Module Total 1920 Watts/VA (16 Amps @ 120 Volts AC)

  Load Types LED[1], Incandescent, Magnetic Low-voltage, Neon/Cold Cathode,

2-Wire Dimmable Fluorescent, & Non-Dim Lighting (also: Electronic Low-voltage,

3- and 4-Wire Fluorescent, High-Inrush Switching, & 277V via CLS-EXP Series

expansion modules - sold separately)


Power Requirements


  100 to 127 Volts AC, 50/60Hz Line Power




  LOCAL DEVICES (1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block;

Cresnet® Master port for local devices including:

C2N-DB and CNX-B Series keypads, 16 maximum;

C2N-SSC-2, C2N-SDC, and C2N-SDC-DC shade controllers; 16 maximum;

Additional CLS-C6 or CLS-C6M units, 8 maximum;

Additional CNPWS-75 or other Cresnet power supply required beyond 4 devices;

C2N-SDC-DC always requires an additional power supply

  CONTROL SYSTEM (1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block;

Cresnet Slave port for connection to a control system

  HOT (1) Captive screw terminal[3], line power input

  LOAD1 – LOAD6 (6) Captive screw terminals[3], dimmer channel outputs 1 – 6

  NEUTRAL (1) Captive screw terminal[3]

  GROUND (1) Captive screw terminal[3]

  PC (front) (1) 3.5mm TRS mini-phone jack, RS-232 Programming port




  Buttons 1 – 6 (6) 3-position rocker pushbuttons; configurable to recall (or toggle recall/off) individual scenes,

control shades, or for master lighting or shade control; “scene mastering” option enables manual

dimming utilizing rocker button action; also used to adjust lighting levels when in “Lighting” mode

and shade positions when in “Shades” mode; additional functionality configurable via software

  Up/Down Button (1) 3-position rocker pushbutton; configurable for master lighting or shade control, or as a “shift”

for Buttons 1-6; additional functionality configurable via software

  ON (1) pushbutton, recalls “On” scene

  OFF (1) pushbutton, turns all lights off

  LIGHTS, SHADES (2) Pushbuttons, select “Lights” or “Shades” modes

  SAVE, CANCEL, ∧, ∨ (4) Pushbuttons, navigate and execute setup functions

  Reset Recessed miniature pushbutton for hardware reset

  Dimming Ramp Rate 5 seconds (default), software adjustable 1 to 10 seconds

  Scene Fade Time 2 seconds (default), software adjustable 0 seconds to 99 minutes


LED Indicators


  Scenes (6-white) Correspond with each “Scene” Button

  High/Low (2-white) Indicate “Shift” status

  ON (1-white) Indicates “On” Scene is selected

  LIGHTS, SHADES (2-green) Indicates “Lights” or “Shades” mode is active

  SAVE, CANCEL (2-green) Correspond with “Save” and “Cancel” Buttons

  MIN, SEC (2-green) Indicates display of “Minutes” or “Seconds”

  1 – 6 (6-green) 7-Segment bargraphs, indicate lighting levels and shade positions

  Numeric Display (2-green) 8-Segment digits, indicates modes and setup values


IR Receiver

  Reception Frequency 36 kHz

  Remote Requires CLS-IRHT8 IR , sold separately